Friday, October 2, 2009

Opening Day - 1st of October.

I guess you're off down-stream!

Same fish as below, very chunky.

The second fish of the day, great condition for early season. the results of a very mild winter and a healthy diet.

Another magic brownie to end the day.

The morning was overcast and cold, but the promise of a fine day lay behind the early morning fog. The sun did eventually come out, but was a bit patchy. When the sun hit the water it was time to move up a little faster and spot the likely places.

I used a peacock quill bodied mayfly nymph. #16 TMC 5263. It was great to be out on the river again, casting, walking and catching trout. This was my second fish of the morning. 5.5lbs.


Cameron Mortenson said... have a wonderful blog and I am very impressed with it.

I added your site to the blog listing on my website, The Fiberglass Manifesto.

Looked for an email address and could not find one. I can be emailed at heddonpal at

Hansy said...

Thanks Cameron. I appreciate the feedback. I initially made it to keep in touch with my fishing buddies in Japan. I am enjoying writing it and hope to put more fly tying on it in the future. I will check out your site.
Nice to get your mail and once again thanks for feedback.


Hey Peter,

Wonderful fish! So glad to hear the season is open there! wonderful, especially our summer season is dwindling down... Cameron and I are big fan of fiberglass rod... we are thinking whipping the fiberglass rod on the other side of the world someday... from Hokkaido to NZ : )

Cameron Mortenson said...

Hansy...Mark and I will certainly bring fiberglass to NZ! Count on it.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Thank you for listing TFM on your blogroll. Much appreciated.

I'll be very interested in seeing the rods that you are going to post.

If you email me your address I'll send along a couple TFM decals if you like. Next TFM t-shirt order will start in November/December with delivery the first part of 2010.

Hansy said...

Hey Cameron

Do you or your buddies know the name of the netting used for catch and release net bags? I guess it's mostly green or black. The green mesh seems finer.

I'm keen to make a few nets.



Hokkaido to New Zealand via Slovenia and Argentina sounds like a great trip!!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Have you seen the Brodin Ghost nets? I really like the clear rubber netting. Very lightweight and easy to retrieve your flies out of. I'm not sure if or where you can buy the rubber netting alone if you are going to build your own frame.