Sunday, August 19, 2012

F. Steans & Coy LTD

Planning to take on a few lakes with the old man this summer. He still uses the first reel he ever bought back in the 1970's. Made by an E.J. Brown who used to work for Hardys in London. Apparently he was an engineer who was involved in making Perfects. I'm not sure if he was a kiwi or he emigrated to New Zealand, however he brought the secrets of the Perfect to New Zealand with him. I believe Hardys may have tried to take him to court over the matter. Anyhow he was able to make and sell many of the Perfect copies in a few colours, from metallic green and pink through to matt black, silver and a weird textured coated black. They were sold under the name F. Steans and Coy LTD - Chch NZ. I also have seen them with the name "Stream Fly" as well. The early models have no markings on them. Many years ago I was talking to a fishing friend who thinks there may have been 2 people making them, 1 in Christchurch and the other in Kaikoura.

By chance I was chatting to a guy in a second hand shop in Ch-Ch and he knew E.J. Brown. I was so surprised as this story had always interested me. Unfortunately Mr. Brown had passed away, but this guy had been given Mr. Browns reels and parts. After some discussion he agreed to let me buy (actually trade some goods) for one of his reels. I was delighted when I discovered it was a new model he had been working on and as far as I know not yet released.

 Front and rear The F. Stean & Coy Ltd.

Debatable - The F. Stean & Coy's a "Perfect " copy.

Centre back purchased from the dealer.

I had been using one of Mr. Browns reels for many seasons, but have now retired them for safe keeping. I am not a collector by any means and don't chase gear, but I was lucky to get these reels.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hand Made.

I have been threatening to make this for the last few years. I made the frame out of some old Douglas Fir. The print was enlarged for me by a photographer I met in Kyushu Japan in January. He has a nice studio and some quality equipment. After messing up 4 mats, I finally got one that looks a little like the pros. I used a Logan push cutter, ( the cut over-lap is very important) the back edge of the cutter base should sit on a line 5cm away from where you want the cut. If the cut doesn't overlap it's near impossible to hand-cut into the corner and there's no way you can recut it using the Logan. 

I mounted the print slightly higher than centre, but in hindsight would raise it even a little more next time. I have an interesting print for the next one I'll do and with my teach yourself photoshop interest, I'm looking forward to it.

Learning Photoshop

I have started using some of my photos to create some arty effects in photoshop. The cat actually did have a yellow and blue eye. I will turn my attention to some fishing scenes soon. I enjoyed making these.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Wood Work Project - Display Box.

 Draws made from eucalyptus.

 Beautiful Cherry grain.

 I wonder how old the fish grippers are, 50s, 60s?

On to the next project.

Made from an old Cherry tree that blew over 4 years ago, this small cabinet is 4th I've made. Picked up the black metal decorations from Japan. 

I have had these lures for a long time and have always wanted to display them. I placed cork in the back of the cabinet with thin strips of cherry to hang the lures off.  I used a box join which I did on my router table to hold the sides together, by making a jig which I saw on youtube. The wood passes vertically over the router blade and has to be clamped with each pass. If it isn't clamped it kicks out ruining the cut. 

It's probably not the best way to cut a box joint, but a good result for a beginner. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012



 Smoko time.

 Too many likely shapes!

The reward.