Thursday, May 21, 2009

Delicious Damsel Flies

Dad trying to figure out which fish to go for, while Ashley spots another rise!

Underwater breathing apparatus no longer required above water.

My auto-focus hand held camera technology! And it's waterproof....

A brilliant day! A brilliantly coloured brownie!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Crane Flies

This was just an impressionist type tie, I was looking for lots of movement and speckling.
Crane Fly
Hook: Long shank with a bit of a curve.
Body: Golden pheasant tail wrapped likea pheasant tail nymph.
Wing: CDC natural
Legs: Golden pheasant tail butts tied back trimmed and scrunched.
Hackle: Cock-de-Leon bown speckled.

South Island Skies II

This pond holds browns and rainbows. More ripple please!

Dad looking for the car keys.

This will bring the cicadas out...

Here it's gonna be a good day.

Rainbow Country

Woke up this morning to this rainbow.....the colour intensity was unreal. It shone for an hour.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fishing in Japan II

The Koi dancing in the gentle breeze high above the river.

The message is clear in any language!

Mr Nakano and Mr Kato with Hiro. Always supporting me in Japan.
Three fine fellows.

Onegiri or rice ball. An essential lunch item!

Mr. IIshi Jnr looks for the next step.

Mr Kato and his tackle shop Dusk. Nagoya.

Rolly deep in thought. Mr Nakano leads the rugby loving, Iishi brothers to the next challenge.

Rock-Paper-Scissors. Who's first on the pool...? Hiroshi Okada watches the action!

I was looking through some of my old photos....I found some great memories, familiar faces, amazing friends, great nature...that's Japan.

Salmon - "King of the River."

Justify Full
Into the evening...the serenity!

Preparing a few steaks for the BBQ. Sashimi anyone?

Salmon scales with a light metallic blue dusting.

The proud angler. Hooked in the river and landed on the beach.

Some anglers catch and release. Others enjoy to put it on the table. There's a balance. But really would you? A little wasabi and mayonaise dressing...mmm yum!

It's a Small World After All.

I thought this was photo was taken in Japan, the other New Zealand!

Still Charging at 98!!

A local farmer checking out the latest in fly fishing fashion!

River Access made easy. Toyota?

Waiting for a hungry Amago. Bait fishing is a waiting game in any country.

While I was fishing the famous Itoushiro River in Japan I met this old bait fisher. He still takes a feed in this catch and release area....well who's gonna argue!