Thursday, May 21, 2009

Delicious Damsel Flies

Dad trying to figure out which fish to go for, while Ashley spots another rise!

Underwater breathing apparatus no longer required above water.

My auto-focus hand held camera technology! And it's waterproof....

A brilliant day! A brilliantly coloured brownie!


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter!

Thank you for your email.
Your blog is very nice! Photograph is very beautiful,too. A river and the sky ,the rainbow! You live in splendid place!
I don't have been to New Zealand. I want to go there sometime.

Sometime I will visit this blog. I wish you enjoy a fishing everyday.
I still work as a writer. I enjoy my work everyday.


Hansy said...

Thanks for our comment Hitomi.
Please come to New Zealand and enjoy nature here.

Cheers Peter