Sunday, March 7, 2010

Boat Show 2010

Slow fishing

Lukey with the streamer box

The boys

Yesterday's fishing was very slow with autumn's coolness creeping into the air and the anglng pressure of the past season making things pretty tough. The boat show that we stumbled across and some sweet harmonica on the lake shore with the boys made it a great day, eventhough we went fishless.

Summer Flies - Cicadas on potatoes.




Cicada's on potatoes.

Hoppers with shimizaki wing.

This trout felt like a rock when I rock when I hooked it. It literally didn't move. But when it finally decided to make a move it went upstream through some of the heaviest water you can imagine. My 5 weight was tip to butt. My saviour was 3x tippet.

Dobsonfly adult

Xmas 2009


Lunch... that bierstick looks good, aye pooch!

Fish on!

Dad navigating the dam shore while the pooch watches on.

Swirls, boils and tails...rainbows working the weedbeds.

My first trout on a double-handed rod!