Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hints of Summer.

A Brownie.

 Naughty Sheep eyeing up my Peas.

 River Worn.

Take Flight.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Published by a Friend.

Watanabe's Novel

Some interesting titles

A newspaper review

City Side

An old friend of mine has published a book of short stories, some of which reflect elements of his life in New Zealand when he lived here for a couple of years. He recently sent me a copy.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Book - The Moonlight Legacy.

 George Fairweather Moonlight - Miner, Explorer, Proprietor.

Arch Barclay worked on this for many years. He said there was very little written about this man. From Gabrielle's Gully to Moonlight Creek to Murchison, George Fairweather Moonlight truly was a hardy pioneer.

This book sets out to explain one of New Zealand's real characters. A man who spent time in America and found his way to New Zealand. He was responsible for the discovery of some of the richest gold fields in New Zealand. He was known for being a resilient bush man and a man who wasn't afraid to stretch the truth a little. This has been well researched and contains many links to today. A great read.

A new rod! Surely you must be joking?

 The Genwair Confidence 9ft #5 - A great rod.

Bright Yellow - The fish don't mind.

I picked up this 9ft 4 piece off the internet for $60.00, it's quite possibly one of the best rods I've cast. To my surprise it is graphite as I was expecting it to be glass and even more surprising is its action. Only 2 false casts and a longish line races hungrily out. Very gentle presentation too. The bright colour reminds me of Kilwell N.Z.'s Robin Hood Rod from the 70's which was a fairly unusual aqua-blue colour. What's the catch? There isn't one... or is there?

The brand is Genwair from Wales. I used to work with a Welshman once,  he was usually well presented too.

Lindsay a response to your question is on the Steans article. Cheers.