Saturday, November 17, 2012

A new rod! Surely you must be joking?

 The Genwair Confidence 9ft #5 - A great rod.

Bright Yellow - The fish don't mind.

I picked up this 9ft 4 piece off the internet for $60.00, it's quite possibly one of the best rods I've cast. To my surprise it is graphite as I was expecting it to be glass and even more surprising is its action. Only 2 false casts and a longish line races hungrily out. Very gentle presentation too. The bright colour reminds me of Kilwell N.Z.'s Robin Hood Rod from the 70's which was a fairly unusual aqua-blue colour. What's the catch? There isn't one... or is there?

The brand is Genwair from Wales. I used to work with a Welshman once,  he was usually well presented too.

Lindsay a response to your question is on the Steans article. Cheers.

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