Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Rose and Rabbit

How to Fish "The Great Caddis Hatch"

 Step 1: Get excited after a warm day and dream of a massive caddis hatch. Tie big caddis as many as you can before heading off - but remember to allow drive time so you don't miss the rise. And try not to block the eye of the fly with thread.

 Step 2: Find a fly box or any spare room in any box for new flies. Remember you will be fishing in the dark so don't take too many boxes. On count-back realize there's one caddis missing and find it in your sock! Remove before putting on waders.

 Step 3: Drive to access point try not to rip your hand on the barbed-wire on the gate. Read all the signs including the one about cyanide being laid here to kill pests.

 Step 4: Choose your favourite rod, choose the brightest line you have. Put on roof of car or other safe place.

 Step 5: Scan the run for any signs of fish activity even though you're 3 hours early.

 Step 6: Watch another angler for a bit and ask how the fishing has been.

 Step 7: Wait for the caddis to hatch in their hundreds and prepare your freshly tied imitation. Enjoy the scenery.

Step 8: When nothing happens, change to slow sinking line and catch fish on streamers.