Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sights of Spring

Getting there...

Being there...

Honey Dew...

Quiet Giant...

River Life...

Went for a walk today saw a few trout, caught a couple and listened to the river rumbling over the rocks.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crane Flies

36 knotted pheasant legs later - 6 Craneflies and a funny twitch. All worthwhile...yeah right!

Landing Sequence

Images of Interest


Beautiful scenery, but where are all the fish?!!

Shifty fish, they have already been tickled.

Slow down and have a good look!

Spring Weather - 4 Seasons in 1 Day.

Trout Tucker.

Large river stones make an excellent wind break for these delicate insects.

Deep water, a weighty trout and a small net = "The run-around."

On a double nymph rig this fish took the top fly - my swimming mayfly pattern.

Enjoying the muggy spring light northerly rain, heaps of insects around, a few sporadic hatches of mayflies and stoneflies. The swimming mayfly pattern is proving to be unstoppable. All fish I have caught have been taken on it. I will post the tying instructions soon as I have now photographed the tying steps. I have a new mayfly dryfly which worked well today which I will share soon too. Great to be on the water again with me old mate Jack.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Swimming MayFly Nymphs

Trout love to eat swimming mayflies especially as they are emerging to hatch. They are usually quite large and have a hunched appearance. I have found it difficult to get the shape of these right as the legs, head and wingcase are located up the front of the insect.

Tail: Hare mask guard hairs with the stripe between the black and gold colour.
Body: Latex strip.
Gills: Flat nylon thread looped and tied under the latex.
Top Gill: Guinea Fowl Fibres.
Head: Black 2.5mm tungsten bead.
Legs: Hen Pheasant Tail fibres.
Wingcase: Latex.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Learning to Fish

It seems long ago when I first picked up a fly rod. Nearly 30 years ago now. It's fun to see someone elses first day on the river!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fish 0 Stag 1

When I was out on the river, splashing in the distance caught my eye as a Red Stag was galloping full steam across the river towards me. He stopped mid river and stared at me, then turned back and continued up the far bank. It's not so common to see these guys when your fishing, but in April during the roar anything is possible. What a sight!



Mr. Kato's backwater Fly Store "Dusk" and top customers.

Mr. Kato admires Noriko's creation.

Mr. Yoshida - Bamboo Rod Builder.


Hitch'n a ride.

Beautiful Japan - Countryside.

The approach - #3 weight rods and gentle casting.

Nature's fridge.


Fish'n Buddies.

Man-made obstacles.