Saturday, November 6, 2010

Eagle Eyes

A river worn forest giant.

Rock hoppin up the gorge.

Trout, ghosty, mid-photo.

A window passes over to reveal his lie.

Taken on my yellow nymph.

Warming up.

A good cast matched with a good fly will get'em, if you can see 'em!
Cicada's beginning to chirp, mayflies and caddis on the move too.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Off the Road

My next goat curry on the supermarket shelves.

Broke the tip off my cane rod....not a good rod for bush bashing!

Man those eels are scary big..

Tried to get into this creek, took the waders off when it got up to my arm-pits, then tried to cross in my shorts with my pack over my head. Had to backtrack when I started floating. Tried again up-stream and finally got into some gem-green pools. Fish sitting at 20ft eye balling me. Missed a good fish in the top of this pool, he came down the pool a couple of times suspecting some kinda mischief.