Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

It must be that time again, the Christmas lillies are out and fill the room with their heady aromatic fragrance. Just finishing off a few more damsel nymphs in preparation for some lake action. Thanks for visiting my blog and keep watching out for some movies after this holiday. Have a good Christmas and for anyone in the Northern Hemisphere I'm feeling for ya!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Straight from the dark side of tying, Nagoya, Japan comes a new pattern inspired by the anime classic Cutey Honey. A voluptous monster slayer who reveals her breasts as she changes into a costume that matches her cheeky mood. Tied on a longshank #14 using glo-bug yarn, melted mono and a touch of pink paint. Most fishers are surprised to hear that this perky pattern is an emerger designed to bring 'em up off the bottom!

Special thanks to creative genius, Daisuke and also the creators of Cutey Honey for providing the inspiration. Daisuke is currently working on a more technically challenging design.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Summer Lake Collection 2011

Topping up the boxes for a trip with Dad down to our holiday house in the deep south. The masks on the boatmen and dragons' are made from latex tied in first then pulled back over the eyes. Eyes are made of melted mono. Gave my parachute green beetles legs ...well why wouldn't ya!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Boys will be boys!

"I've wrestled all of the other 6 year olds to the ground...yeah I'm the toughest!"


Trout and eggplant.

A sofa with a view.

A face full of wash and still smiling!

Fly fishin'

We went up the lake with the boys for a fish and tried out a new wool-head sculpin pattern. The trout were more interested in taking big dragonflies on the wing. We saw some spectacular acrobatic rises and managed to catch a couple. Next time I'll remember to take my dry fly box and some floatant!

We finished the day with some trout on the barbecue and a few bottles of ginger beer. After dark the boys went for a hunt and got some meat for the freezer. These boys are so hard case... they don't wear shoes and run around on prickly paddocks in the dark to pick up a freshly shot rabbit. When you're tough you don't need to say it!