Sunday, December 12, 2010

Boys will be boys!

"I've wrestled all of the other 6 year olds to the ground...yeah I'm the toughest!"


Trout and eggplant.

A sofa with a view.

A face full of wash and still smiling!

Fly fishin'

We went up the lake with the boys for a fish and tried out a new wool-head sculpin pattern. The trout were more interested in taking big dragonflies on the wing. We saw some spectacular acrobatic rises and managed to catch a couple. Next time I'll remember to take my dry fly box and some floatant!

We finished the day with some trout on the barbecue and a few bottles of ginger beer. After dark the boys went for a hunt and got some meat for the freezer. These boys are so hard case... they don't wear shoes and run around on prickly paddocks in the dark to pick up a freshly shot rabbit. When you're tough you don't need to say it!

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