Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

South Island Skies

There's nothing like home for great skies.


This fishing trip turned into a 7 hour bush-bash through the forest, following deer and wild pig tracks. We never found the river, but could see the valley from the top of a 1000m rock outcrop. 1 water bottle between 3 people, no creeks and stung by a wasp. O'brother! There were a few positives including exercise, mushrooms and we found an easier way out than climbing down the verticle hill, we climbed up in the morning. Here are a few amazing mushrooms and toadstools. Oh, and the wasp sting has finally finished aching.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

3kg Brown Trout Today

Today was a 2 fish day. It was tough fishing, because of late season educated fish and bad light conditions. I enjoyed fishing this river for the first time though and being out with my fishing buddy. The top fish was 6lbs and extremely good condition. Caught on a down-stream drift after spotting him in the tail of the pool! The second two photos and movie are of the 7lb fish I caught. It was a little out of condition, but hey, still a nice fish with lovely colouring.

The rod I am using is a 3 piece, #5weight Lochmor, bought in the Tackle Shop "Dusk" in Nagoya, Japan. Owner/operator Mr. Takashi Kato. It's a sweet little rod with power for longer casts and is delicate enough for short, accurate presentations. Fly - #16 mayfly and #8 stonefly nymph.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Top Dog!

Wellington-NZ Capital City-Easter Vacation

Leaving the North Island

The top of the South Island

Eating Out - Yum!

Hot Rod Exhibition


Te Papa Museum

Modern Buildings

Central City Old Buildings

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fly Fishing in Japan

I was lucky to be able to enjoy fly fishing in Japan. I learnt a lot about fishing and tying while I was there. A day on the river was as thrilling as any I have experienced. My friends were passionate about their sport and equally about their native fish. The speckled Iwana and the grey-blue banded and red spotted Amago. Fishing is often done with a group of friends, stopping for a group luncheon and a cup of tea. When 6pm comes it's time to pack up the rods and head for the restaurant for a huge bowl of local cuisine. Hatches occur thoughout the year with the favourites being, yellow stoneflies, giant caddis and small mayflies. Pocket water fishing is done repetitively as most of these fish hide beside rocks and like the bubbly water. The rivers were fresh and clean often the banks are modified with rock walls.

It was a fantastic experience. Of course the favourite style of fishing for most is the dry fly. My friends took an interest in my nymph collection and fishing style. I met many refined fishers with skills beyond my own. A great way to relax after a busy week in the city.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday on the river

This river is 10 minutes walk from my house. I don't usually fish here, but wanted to stretch my legs today and enjoy a still autumn day.

Up Lifting!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bee Hives

Yum! New Zealand honey!!!!

Blue Water - Cool Breeze.

Today I spent the day exploring a new section of river that I have never fished before. The hour drive through fog was slow, but the sun cleared the fog by about 10:30am. After parking the car we organised our equipment, it was then I realised I had left my reel at home. It's the first time in years that I have forgotten to take my reel. So we had to fish with one rod.

The day never warmed up, the cool wind was off set by the strong sun and the trout ( 8 of them ) fed well on small nymphs. The day was about exploring a new river and getting out with my fishing buddy before cold autumn temperatures finally hit. As with any new stream it takes a while to spot the first fish, the colour of the fish vary from river to river. We spotted the first fish feeding well on the edge of the pool.

I hooked 3 fish, landing only one, which was a bit disappointing. My fishing buddy let me fish to all the fish that were spotted. He had been fishing all week and had caught quite a few fish, so wanted me to catch a few. One fish I was fishing to was feeding quite well, but as I started fishing the sound of a small plane could be heard upstream. It was flying down the river at about 400m. As the shadow of the planes wings passed over the fish, it suddenly swam off into deeper water, spooked by the plane. The 3 fish were all hooked on #16 mayfly nymphs.

It was my first time to try out my new fishing backpack. The backpack is made by William Joseph. It's a great pack, light, comfortable, and practical. You can see my backpack in the photos. It's a great addition to anyones fishing kit and will become one of my favourite fishing items.