Sunday, April 19, 2009

3kg Brown Trout Today

Today was a 2 fish day. It was tough fishing, because of late season educated fish and bad light conditions. I enjoyed fishing this river for the first time though and being out with my fishing buddy. The top fish was 6lbs and extremely good condition. Caught on a down-stream drift after spotting him in the tail of the pool! The second two photos and movie are of the 7lb fish I caught. It was a little out of condition, but hey, still a nice fish with lovely colouring.

The rod I am using is a 3 piece, #5weight Lochmor, bought in the Tackle Shop "Dusk" in Nagoya, Japan. Owner/operator Mr. Takashi Kato. It's a sweet little rod with power for longer casts and is delicate enough for short, accurate presentations. Fly - #16 mayfly and #8 stonefly nymph.


Anonymous said...

You and I met this last Feb while I was in Murchison with buddy fishing for a few days. We met at the Commercial one evening. It was lots of fun taking a look at your blog and pics. Hope to bump into you next year when we come back!
Jim Brungardt

Hansy said...

Cheers Jim
Yeah I remember you guys. how was the fishing this time??
It was good of you to check my blog.