Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fly Fishing in Japan

I was lucky to be able to enjoy fly fishing in Japan. I learnt a lot about fishing and tying while I was there. A day on the river was as thrilling as any I have experienced. My friends were passionate about their sport and equally about their native fish. The speckled Iwana and the grey-blue banded and red spotted Amago. Fishing is often done with a group of friends, stopping for a group luncheon and a cup of tea. When 6pm comes it's time to pack up the rods and head for the restaurant for a huge bowl of local cuisine. Hatches occur thoughout the year with the favourites being, yellow stoneflies, giant caddis and small mayflies. Pocket water fishing is done repetitively as most of these fish hide beside rocks and like the bubbly water. The rivers were fresh and clean often the banks are modified with rock walls.

It was a fantastic experience. Of course the favourite style of fishing for most is the dry fly. My friends took an interest in my nymph collection and fishing style. I met many refined fishers with skills beyond my own. A great way to relax after a busy week in the city.

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