Sunday, December 3, 2017

Monday, October 2, 2017

Off the Bench.

Been tying a few Boobies, found that it is very difficult to paint foam.... it does all kinds of strange things. Ended up using Humbrol Super Enamel. Takes a day to dry, but waterproof. The other marabou creations have biots for cheeks. I used the smallest Tiemco wing burner to shape them, you can't beat natural feather, well I couldn't find a good alternative. If you don't have the wing burner just tie the back of the biot and pull it forward as you would a normal wingcase. Try some UV glue over the top to make them pop.  Tied on a size 12 standard nymph hook by Daiichi, the rib is stretch floss in red. If you want to pack a lot into a small hook, try the Tiemco nylon thread 18/0, it creates no bulk. Last season a similar tie landed 12 fish on opening day.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Nice Find

An old Stream Fly reel and copper cast tin came my way. It was interesting to find out F. Steans and Coy was the original Alexto Sports from the 1930's. The F. Steans and Coy and the Stream Fly were basically NZ copies of the Hardy Perfect. Rumour has it the maker was an ex-Hardy's employee. He must have produced quite a number of these before "supposedly" being put out of business by copyright laws.

Aint that the Truth...

Was watching this classic and thought Clyde must have been a Fly Fisherman.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Edgy Bets.

 Spot the rise...
 Watch the drift...
 Take in slack line....
 Nothing else matters...

 Trout, garlic, chestnuts, cucumber salad.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Water Water Everywhere...

 Kelvis from Latvia meditates on the banks of the Ahuriri River.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Rose and Rabbit

How to Fish "The Great Caddis Hatch"

 Step 1: Get excited after a warm day and dream of a massive caddis hatch. Tie big caddis as many as you can before heading off - but remember to allow drive time so you don't miss the rise. And try not to block the eye of the fly with thread.

 Step 2: Find a fly box or any spare room in any box for new flies. Remember you will be fishing in the dark so don't take too many boxes. On count-back realize there's one caddis missing and find it in your sock! Remove before putting on waders.

 Step 3: Drive to access point try not to rip your hand on the barbed-wire on the gate. Read all the signs including the one about cyanide being laid here to kill pests.

 Step 4: Choose your favourite rod, choose the brightest line you have. Put on roof of car or other safe place.

 Step 5: Scan the run for any signs of fish activity even though you're 3 hours early.

 Step 6: Watch another angler for a bit and ask how the fishing has been.

 Step 7: Wait for the caddis to hatch in their hundreds and prepare your freshly tied imitation. Enjoy the scenery.

Step 8: When nothing happens, change to slow sinking line and catch fish on streamers.