Friday, July 24, 2009

Price rises in New Zealand Public Transport System -

The price of a ticket from Nelson to Invercargill is now $2.50. Locals can't believe the price hike in the current economic climate.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Mayfly Emergers

Here's a new pattern I'm looking forward to trying next season. I've used a piece of foam wrap for the wingcase. It floats well and is easy to see. These are size 16. These little beauties will still nicely in the surface and won't need any floatant. Well that's the idea. The top photo is my second attempt. #18 this pattern represents the swimming mayfly emerger. The adult has speckled brown wings, so I chose a soft speckled hen feather for the emerging wing with a touch of CDC.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Leap For Freedom!

Here's a great shot that my father took last season. He loves his new digital camera.

Fishy Materials - Get Your Nails Out

When I lived in Japan I visited the 100 yen shop a few times. It's full of junk produced in China, most of which is plastic. I usually kept an eye out (as you do) for anything that would be useful for fly tying. I found these stick on nails that have a scale pattern and shine of a fish. I wanted to show the salt water guy from Hokaido who writes his blog in English. These were 100 yen per pack. If you fold them in half around the body of the minnow, they have an adhesive backing which will stick. Then I tied over the top in a cross pattern, then varnish. The black dots on the pearl stickers can be removed easily with some solvent, like nail polish. Just paint it on then wipe it off....(sounds like the karate kid!!) Oh well, good luck finding this material!

More Flies

I discovered a neat way to do stonefly and other nymph heads. I used some 80lb nylon and melted it, flattened the stem with pliers then tied in antennae either side. I'm pleased with the result. When you melt the nylon just press it on the side of the lighter to flatten it.