Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Itoushiro Catch and Release Advocates Teach Future.

Mr. Saito developer of Itoushiro Catch and Release area has developed a group of like-minded fishers to help promote fly fishing to the next generation. These youngsters who live in the township of Itoushiro enjoy the bi-monthly instruction. The helpers include rod builders, net-makers and rod mandrel designers, all of whom give their time willingly to help preserve the future of this special river. As the session progressed the children caught on quick and laughter quickly filled the room as the past principals looked on.

Half of the previous school principals.

Mr. Saito introduces the session.

The students wait with great anticipation.

A great first fly.

Tomo and Akihiro trade notes on how to tie a uni-knot.

"Still too cold," says Green Tea Lady.

The mountain regions of the Aichi Prfecture Japan are still a bit chilly for a good hatch, according to the local farmers. Coming off the back of a NZ season meant the legs and casting were still fairly in-tune. For my fishing buddies it was a slightly rusty start to the season as they shook off their winter chills. The casting was soon up to scratch, but the river feet took a while to engage. I had forgotten the feeling of a 3 weight and I broke several flies off as the 5x tippet gave way. Bill, Shouzo, Sugita and I had a great day on the river.

Sugita points to a successful lie from last year.

The feet feel good from last year.

A local who knows the river.

Sugita finds his feet.

Bill with early season tangles.

Shouzo helps out.