Sunday, May 17, 2009

Crane Flies

This was just an impressionist type tie, I was looking for lots of movement and speckling.
Crane Fly
Hook: Long shank with a bit of a curve.
Body: Golden pheasant tail wrapped likea pheasant tail nymph.
Wing: CDC natural
Legs: Golden pheasant tail butts tied back trimmed and scrunched.
Hackle: Cock-de-Leon bown speckled.



Great ties!!
Hi Peter, very nice blog! Thanks for stopping by my site. I have added your site in my list.
Keep up the great work! will visit here often. South NZ is always a dreamland to me!

Hansy said...

Thanks for dropping a line.....Enjoying many sites from all over the world. Love that USA scene....

hope to make it for a fish their one day...