Friday, August 17, 2012

Wood Work Project - Display Box.

 Draws made from eucalyptus.

 Beautiful Cherry grain.

 I wonder how old the fish grippers are, 50s, 60s?

On to the next project.

Made from an old Cherry tree that blew over 4 years ago, this small cabinet is 4th I've made. Picked up the black metal decorations from Japan. 

I have had these lures for a long time and have always wanted to display them. I placed cork in the back of the cabinet with thin strips of cherry to hang the lures off.  I used a box join which I did on my router table to hold the sides together, by making a jig which I saw on youtube. The wood passes vertically over the router blade and has to be clamped with each pass. If it isn't clamped it kicks out ruining the cut. 

It's probably not the best way to cut a box joint, but a good result for a beginner. 

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