Saturday, October 3, 2009

There's a Moose in the Hoose.

Tie a clump of deerhair in then work the butts under with a few raps of thread. Stack it each time get the tips and taper of the hair on top.

After tying in the ears and eyes tie in a large clump on the top and bottom, followed by a final spin around the front near the eye.

Trim them careful not to cut your ears off!

I came up with the idea to put foam ears on these guys. Which means they ride lower in the water, but are unsinkable even when the deer hair gets water-logged. I tried it yesterday and it swims well. The intruder loop I put on was a little long, I got a few tangles on the tippet, so next time I'll just tie the hook on a single line and make sure it's close to the back of the fly. All you need is shortish leader and away you go. The only fish I tried it on didn't even move. Ha!

Oh well always handy even if you never use it!

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