Monday, September 14, 2009

The Magnum.

I call this one the magnum. A green stoney on a TMC 200R #4.



Amazing tie! It's great arts!

Hansy said...

Thank you Blue angler! I'm enjoying your blog! Nice sake cups...bring them with you when you visit NZ. i'd like to try sake on the river side. Sounds interesting.

markiii said...

Hi Hansey. I think you do a fantastic job making the flies you have posted on your blog. Is there any possibility of buying some? Regards, Mark


Hansy, will do! NZ is another dreamland to me! I really want to visit there to experience some unique culture and see some birds! Fishing is a must too! We definitely should do the Guinomi together! : )

Hansy said...

Hi Mark,

Where are you and what do you need mate? I can make you a couple for sure. Do you have a blog? Let me know what you're up to and we'll sort something out.