Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wood and Wool Day

A busy Saturday outdoors, collecting more wood for net making and helped shear a couple of sheep. The wood we are cutting is Photina. This is common in Asia including Japan. It's usually an ornamental shrub with evergreen leaves, that change to a red colour. It's a member of the rosewood and apple tree family. This one was about 15m high. A huge specimen. The wood is very hard and heavy. Probably take a year or two to dry these slabs.
Working today with my mate John, a local outdoors man. John's 85hp Stihl cahinsaw worked hard to cut this. His saw has one power, full - throttle.
To follow up the wood cutting we caught his sheep and sheared them using his generator and clippers. The wood was hard to cut and the sheep were hard to catch. They are sure-footed and dodge your attempts to tackle them.
A good result, a huge stack of 3 inch slabs and some clean shawn sheep.

A great day!

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