Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Water Pig

 First tie in foam, then holo-tinsel medium blue for a tag. Then palmer a black hackle through black ostrich herl.

 Tie in knotted black pheasant for legs. I've only knotted these once, the length isn't important. Tie in three each side.

 Pull the foam over to complete the body. 

 Tiemco aero-dry wing makes a great spotting post. Tie in and trim to length later. Trim butt end close to base.

 Tie in two pieces of peacock sword on each side to represent a wing. Cut the waste of the foam off tapering each side so you can tie it in neatly. Don't worry about the taper as the hackle grips onto the foam well. A little glue here if you like.

 Tie in your black hackle. We will finish off with a hackle.

 Once the hackle is in place trim the spotting post to size. 

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