Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Big Winds and Bright Wings

Tried to make a dry that I could see easily, and came up with this. It's nothing new in terms of design, but decided to share the tying stages.

 Tie in synthetic wing with CDC around the outside and tail fibres.

 Tie in your favourite coloured soft feather for the body.

 Wrap the body almost to the wing post and angle butts towards the point of the hook under the fly.

 Tie in your favourite hackles.

 Wind the hackles behind and in front of the wing.

 Tie off hackles ready to trim off.

 Turn fly up-side-down and trim down the centre. Clear a path for the body material to come forward.

 See here a cleared pathway.

 Then pull body material over like a nymph wingcase.

 Trim ends and tidy up head area, whip finish.

 Trim the wing to your favourite size.

 Finished fly.

 Nice profile.

Ready to go!

Hook: Size 12 - up turned-eye dry fly hook. 
Wing: Neer Hair
Tail: Cock-de-leon, speckled brown.
Hackle: Grizzle Yellow, Grey.
Body: Dyed Hen Pheasant.

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