Monday, November 14, 2016

Fly Store Dusk - Nagoya - Japan

"Chewing the Fat", down at Fly Store Dusk.

 Tiemco Mono-Tying thread 150m (S) for tying small detailed flies. 

 Daichi Hooks - Dry and Nymph

 My favourite Varivas Standard Leaders. These go from Ultra green butt section through to a clear taper. Soft line, but very tough and keeps its strength well.

Coc-de-leon speckled brown hen cape. Beautiful for wet flies and other soft hackle applications.


Recently I have ordered the following bits and pieces from Fly Store Dusk in Japan. Mr Kato has a sweet little shop near Tsurumai Park in Nagoya. He is a friendly man with the patience of a Buddist  monk and a passion for fly fishing. He runs a very laid back shop. It is a meeting place for many different anglers from around Nagoya. If you are in Nagoya drop by and take a look at his store. It's a small shop, but he has some cool tying materials and excellent range of new and used fly rods and reels. What he doesn't have he can usually access fairly quickly.
Fly Store Dusk is a little slice of paradise for the fly angler looking for a place to hang-out and chew the fat. Brushing up on your Nihongo skills a little would help, but there is usually someone there who can help with a little translation.

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