Sunday, August 1, 2010

Miho Mizuno - Artist

Keeping the sun off my neck. Thanks Miho!

Simply stunning!

Hare comments on Frog's back-cast.

We all know this feeling.

A call went out from the local store Kamiieda in Nagoya when a fresh faced foreigner wandered into the store. I was chatting with a guy who could speak english well and who wanted to rush down to the store to translate, but with time against us we decided to leave it this time. It wasn't until 2 years later I was talking with Daisuke Mizuno, that we figured out he was that guy on the end of the phone. It was amazing with over 2 million people in the city that we had met after speaking with each other 2 years prior.

I fished with Daisuke and his partner Miho a couple of times, but left for NZ shortly after that. They are a great couple to know, always smiling and laughing about something. Like the time they went on a date to the parasite museum in Tokyo. Why wouldn't you!

Recently Miho has started designing and making fly fishing t-shirts and neck scarfs with a touch of traditional Japanese brush work. Her designs include animals respected and loved by nature loving people throughout Japan. All of her work is hand dyed and hand painted making each piece a true artwork.

She spends many hours getting the right colours for her scarfs and like a true artist isn't happy until it is just how she wants it.

Thanks Miho for the lovely things you have made me.

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Wonderful art! How lovely!!
Do they have website we can visit?
Nice fish too! : )