Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Return to Japan

A hot spring hotel foot spa.

An actual print of the caught fish with measurement and weight details.

Fish Boy.

Sugar and sour oranges.

At the temple.

Ishii brother's barbecue heaven.

Return to Dusk.

Old friend's.

At the Osu Temple.

I spent almost 3 weeks in Japan revisiting some old haunts and catching up with friends. I met a bunch of my old fly fishing buddies in Nagoya. Two friends have teamed up, (Tomo, previously involved in boat building and Shinichi owner of T-Craft) to continue to make high quality wooden nets and fly boxes for Shinichi's company. Once again I visited Kato's fly store "Dusk" and bought my usual stock of Daichi hooks. It was great to see everyone was in good form and still enjoying their fishing.

The weather was tediously hot and so humid, an extreme change to the 7 degrees and snow topped montains I left at my home. Travelling down to Kyushu brought some welcomed relief as the temperatures we much more comfortable. I couldn't find a fly shop down in these parts, but visited a few big saltwater fishing stores.

Torrential rain signified the end of the rainy season and the end of my trip. I had to rush to the airport as trains, planes and expressways were shut down due to the flooding.


Cameron Mortenson said...

Hello. Great TFM Spotting photo! You should email it in with some copy for a TFM blog post. Cheers...

Hitoshi said...

Great report!

Hansy said...

Will post a couple through to you Cameron.