Sunday, June 14, 2009

More Creepy Crawlies

The local streams are just full of these some as long as your pinky finger. These are a size 6 Tiemco 2302. This is a good hook size to imitate the slightly larger dobsonfly lavae. They are fun to tie and I'm looking forward to trying them early season.



wonderful! I will love to learn how to tie those realistic flies! Great skill!!

inu said...

What a real fly this is!

Hansy said...

Thanks mste!
If you come over for a fish one day we'll sit down at the vice and I'll show you.


Hansy said...

Thanks Inu!! I found a good material at the 100yen shop when I was in Japan. Ill show you soon. It's like fish skin. Good for realistic bodies on baitfish immitations.