Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fishing with Dad and Ashley.

2 weeks ago Dad and Ashley came up from Christchurch for a weekend. We spent Saturday and Sunday fishing. Trying to think of where to go is sometimes a bit of a challenge when you are new to an area. We ended up trying out 2 new spots, the first was quite heavily covered in didymo weed which wasn't that pleasant. The fish were nervous, flighty and seemed to know we were there. It was good to be out on the river though. Ashley had a good run, trying his best to catch rabbits to no avail.

The second spot was a little better, but the foot traffic was clearly visable as it is used by guides quite regularly. As my friend said you don't need access maps around here just follow the tracks! Dad hooked a good fish only to be busted off due to brittle line and a cunning fish, who knew a bit about rocks. I landed a small pretty, (Japanese sized trout) on my 3 weight rod. That was fun.

We all had a great time including the dog, who was being watched closely by the local tenants.

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