Tuesday, April 12, 2011


House size boulders with deathly vertical drops, cheap slippery trekking shoes and a light weight tippet had my mate doing the crab-walk as he tried to navigate his way closer to the water to land his catch. I'm pleased to say that he didn't come to any slippery demise and the fish was eventually landed and released, not before a frenzied mob of eels came in for a closer look. I've never heard of a nest of eels but if there is such a thing this was definitely it.

A week later I went back and fished a few eels out for a feed. There were literally 30 in this small area and some were at least 15cm across the back, with a metre of 40lb line, a hook and a bit of beef, I could chose the ones I wanted by just dangling it infront of there mouths. Messy to prepare, but good to eat!

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