Monday, October 25, 2010

Green Stoneflies - Teimco 400T

Thought I'd give this idea a go. Tying on the side of a 400T swimming nymph. This weekend I turned a few stones the the river in the photo and found some big stonies. They way the curve when they crawl and curl when they free float inspired me to try and capture it. Not sure how the hook-up will be having the hook on the side, should be OK. My mate Jack bent his up into some unusual positions with pliers and they still worked. These stonies have a yellowy orange on the underside which I penned in. The suggestion of gills were made from yellowish CDC.


Southern Renaissance Man said...

Love those stones...great tying, my man.

Hansy said...

Thanks Mate

Once I get the proportions right they'll look even better. The wingcase is a bit further back about half way down the body.

Thanks for the feedback and dropping me a line.