Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wine, Wet Wading and Wily Trout

After a great dinner with my neighbour and a few glasses of red wine, we decided to go fishing together. This was the first time we had ever been fishing. Two minutes after we left the vehicle I was waist deep in cold, mountain river water trying to catch a good sized trout in a tricky place. After 10 minutes I couldn't feel my feet. Today's fishing was challenging, but we managed to land two nice fish. After cold start, the sun broke through the cloud and warmed up the day. In the mid-afternoon a small hatch of large mayflies encouraged a nice trout to start rising. I missed the first take, changed my fly, cast again and missed the second take. I was lucky to get two takes, however I'm still not sure why I didn't hook that fish. I think that maybe the fluro-carbon tippet had sunk and caused some drag on the fly. Oh well, that's fishing.

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